Best Seafood Dishes

Which are the best seafood dishes in India?

India is has vast coastal lines and hence rich in seafood. If you happen to visit the beaches of Goa or anywhere in the south, you’ll be able to find the best seafood dishes in the world.

The seafood dishes list includes delicacies like Bombay ducks, prawns, and mackerel. Try the prawn pollichathu or the lobster malay curry when you’re down south. You’ll find some impressive seafood recipes and the best seafood names you must have not even heard.

Based on the list of popular seafood dishes in India and keeping all the other taste parameters in mind, we’ve come up with the list of the top 3 best seafood dishes in India that will save your time and fill up your senses for the love of fishes at one click.

Quick tip – Buy Fresh Fish like wet prawns, wet mackerels, etc in your local fish markets. The items listed below are canned or dry and hence the best quality to be ordered online. Try them once and you will not regret it.

Oceans Secret – Canned Tuna Chunks

The cans contain a large size chunk of tuna in sunflower oil. The packaging is not old – relatively fresh. One pack easily serves two people. In fact, you have to break the chunk into pieces for making salads, sandwiches, casseroles, etc. I drain excess oil and put olive oil instead.

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Excellent flavor (only if you like fish and are a non-vegetarian). Fish is supposed to smell like fish – and so it does. If you are offended by the fish smell, you can use freshly grounded black pepper, dhania leaves, or raw garlic to get rid of the fishy smell. Excellent buy.

best seafood dishes
Oceans Secret – Canned Tuna Chunks in Spring Water (180 g) (Pack of 4) | Immunity Booster | Superfood

Reasons To Buy

  • It is rich in calcium and protein
  • Oceans Secret offers an option for seafood lovers who are looking for a healthy alternative
  • ISO certified company
  • No artificial preservatives

Go For It.

Fofizon Dry Seafood

Now if you have not bought fish from the market, getting dry bombay ducks delivered at your doorstep will already give you the chills you need.

Superior quality and clean product and it is undoubtedly the best product to order from Amazon. Clean fishes & tasty too.

best seafood dishes
Fofizon Dry Seafood – Dry Bombay Duck 100g

Reasons To Buy :

  • Fresh catch from the Arabian sea from the coast of alibaug, near Mumbai
  • Directly dried under the sun
  • No preservatives added
  • Rich in protein and low in fat

Price : Rs.249 Only

Fifozon – Dry Shrimp Large

This is the highest selling dry shrimps on Amazon right now.

The Fifozon Dry Shrimp Large- 250 Grams is Excellent Quality Dry Prawns. The taste and flavour is very good compared to other similar products. It is suitable for any type of preparation and you can get a very tasty dish.

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The size of the Dry Prawns is Large and the Quality is very Good and well prepared. There is no necessity for any deep cleaning again and also there is no wastage. You will be a returning buyer once you order this.

best seafood dishes
Fifozon Dry Fish Seafood – Dry Shrimp Large- 250 Grams

Reasons To Buy :

  • Contains High Percentage Of Proteins, Less Amount Of Fat
  • Shelf Life: 6 Months
  • Juicier than the local ones you buy.
  • Store in Airtight Containers

Worth The Money.

Price : Rs.349 Only

The products listed above are the best selling fishes right now on Amazon, Flipkart, or any other website online. Fresh fish makes more sense when you buy at the fish market, but when it comes to dry fish – these are the top 3 best seafood dishes in India right now.

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