Samsung Galaxy M12


Samsung Galaxy M12


Samsung Galaxy M12 (Blue,4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) 6000 mAh with 8nm Processor | True 48 MP Quad Camera | 90Hz Refresh Rate

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Samsung Galaxy M12 is finally here. Samsung’s annual update to its budget and mid-range phones is underway and the Samsung Galaxy M 12 is the successor to last year’s disappointing Samsung Galaxy M 10 from its display performance to practically every other aspect besides the battery that phone underperformed. So has Samsung turn things around with the Samsung Galaxy M12 well let’s find that out in this review.

Starting with its design the Samsung Galaxy M12 features a new textured rear panel that looks refreshing to say at the least here. Its bottom quarter goes for a smooth finish which ultimately makes for a striking design. Also it feels quite nice on the hands plus it does not attract many smudges or fingerprints either the weight distribution is fairly well balanced so you will have no trouble holding the phone for a long time. Having said that if you’re used to lightweight smartphones you will take some time getting used to weighing grams you will definitely feel the Samsung Galaxy M12 in your pocket. But because of its ergonomic design as i mentioned earlier the phone’s easy on the hands.

Now moving on the rear mounted fingerprint sensor of the m has been shifted to the side which adds to the redesigned aesthetics and it is pretty fast. it is likewise the volume rockers click well but because of how it’s placed it requires a little struggle to get to the left frame stays mostly clean except for the sim tray while you’ll find the headphone jack USB type c port and the speaker grille on the bottom moving on to the display. It’s a pls LCD screen with an HD plus resolution and despite featuring a smoother hertz refresh rate things don’t look that good on the Samsung Galaxy M12.

Samsung should have gone for an FHD display or an amole panel given its direct competitors like Xiaomi is offering sharper full HD display at a similar price point still this . inch screen is not entirely terrible to look at it’s smoother than your regular HZ panel the viewing angles are decent and it can get fairly bright enough as well and even though it only has HD resolution i could not notice any sort of pixilation issue and for the most part the content on the display looks pretty sharp but as expected the colors look muted but that’s pretty common for an LCD screen on budget phones.

Over all a must buy phone.


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